Running an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere?

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Does anyone on here have experience with owning an Airbnb property that is not in a city/town. Like something in a forest or outside a national park that they don’t live in close proximity to?

I’d like to know how you get the place cleaned after checkout and what other complications one would have by not operating an Airbnb close to a city.



Funny you should mention forests and national parks. I'm not extremely far from the nearest town (about 15 mins from the nearest town; 2 hours from the nears metro area). But I definitely worried in the beginning that my place was too remote and obscure be successful. I live 3 miles from a national forest and 1 mile from a national recreation area. I've been successful beyond my wildest dreams.

I have another house on the property where I live, and I do the cleaning myself. Probably not applicable to your situation, but I thought I'd come in since my place is indeed away from cities.

Have you looked at hiring a service like Guesty or Hosty? Not sure if they do remote areas, but that's probably where I would start. We've run airbnbs in Denver, CO and also just used craigslist help for work. I know that's again, not the same as being remote- but if you post in your local area you might be surprised by who is looking for work. 

Yeah, sure.  My house is right outside a national park, and over 3 hours from where I live.  I have a local property manager who handles key exchanges and does walk-throughs for a low rate, as I handle all the guest communication/coordination.  I have a housekeeper who turns the house after each stay.  Once you've got people in place to be your eyes and ears, it's no big deal (though I do like going up there every couple of weeks and putzing around and checking on things).

I'm under contract for a second property that's out of state; I'll skip the property manager on that one, and train the housekeeper to let me know if anything is damaged/missing after a guest's stay.

Scott, PM me I'll give you my number. Call me. I'll teach you everything you need to know. For free. Ok for one beer. 

I am in a similar situation . I live in bay area it is pretty expensive to buy something in this area for airbnb. How is experience to start AIRBNB far from where you live ? How to get started ? Any ideas !!!

Scott, where are you talking? Upstate New York? Central Jersey? Yonkers? I’m very familiar with the area and do rentals in a lot of the surrounding areas. I could send some recommendations for staff and solutions your way.

My cabins are near a national park. it's the most visited national park in america though. There's a walmart down the street. I am not down he street. I'm 5 hours away. I manage 5 of these. All by my little old self. And I do it from my phone. 

Don't let anyone tell you you can't manage an VR from a distance that's BS.  It's stupid easy. 

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