Englewood FL Area buy n holds for long term rental and airbnb

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I am a full time investor and Realtor from Indiana who does buy and holds and fix n flips.  I have family in Englewood, Florida and am considering investing in the Englewood, Venice, Port Charlotte area.  I'd love to have a vacation rental in that area as well as regular rentals.  I am curious of others who invest in that area on your opinion of the market on either the long term rental and the vacation rental side.   I can do the market research and crunch numbers but would love to hear from others on the ground doing it.

Inventory is low, prices are high. Make sure you purchase your deals with a plan to weather the storm brewing.

Thanks @Chad Nagel . I have investing experience and am fully aware of inventory and the coming market. Inventory is always low if you are only searching MLS leads. But there are always properties to be had at great deals in any market if you know how to find them.

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Thanks so much @Cody Race .  I'll be in contact with you as I look more at this market.  My post was just an initial thought and info gathering for considering the market.

The entire SW FL market is strong and inventory, at least the good stuff, is hard to find a decent prices. Prices are a bit higher in lee county but I believe demand is better. I primarily invest in Cape Coral. It is few bad areas (D), and lots of growth. Ft Myers has quite a few areas a lot of investors may not feel comfortable buying in. I prefer B grade properties, They cost more, but generally you can get higher quality tenants and less turnover. VR is tough and management intensive. Also have to watch out for local laws that may have restrictions, etc. We are a very landlord friend state BTW. 

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