Float tubes for groups floating down a river, any experience?

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The potential for liability is tremendous. A minor staying at your STR under the influence drowning on your float tube...imagine the repercussions of that.

If it was me, I would let them acquire their own tube and proceed at their own will and their own risk. You are in the STR business. You are not in the float tube business.

One of my STRs has a bunch of Quentin Tarrantino movie memorabilia as decorations. To paraphrase Quentin, When people pull up to your STR, do they see a sign that says "Float Tube Trips?". No. You know why they don't see a sign that says "Float Tube Trips"? It's because Float Tube Trips isn't any of your business.

I thought the same thing as Paul.  I would never want that liability hanging over my head.  However, is there a float tube business (or boat rental or jet ski or fishing boat, etc.) in the area already?  You could recommend it to your guests and use that other business as bait to gain more interest from potential travelers . . . perhaps even work out a discount for them.

Faciltate tube delivery from a business nearby or tell them where they can purchase tubes. Add a convenience fee if you assist with any onsite delivery of items but they should buy or rent it. If the river is adjacent to your property post a for use at your own risk sign. We have a pond and it's fine if they want to use it in my opinion but they are respondsible for how they use it. Dont install obviously risky additions like rope swings.

Agreed with all of the above re: liability.  Best thing is to find a local company that rents the tubes, so you can refer your guests to them.  If you really want to do it yourself, TALK TO YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY FIRST.  (but I think it'll also be a hassle b/c people will damage them, complain if some of the air has gone out, etc)

And if your insurance company hasn't already required you to post a "swim at your own risk" sign by the river, you should do it anyway to CYA.  I've got one by the river behind my house - it's not attractive, but I did get a brown one so it looks like a park sign.

I am a kayaker/tuber.  You would not believe the incredibly stupid things I have seen drunk people do on the river -- or even worse do on the river with their KIDS!  Floating/paddling without a PFD (or an unlatched PDF) is only the beginning.   How about driving into shallow water with rocks?  Can you say "spinal cord injury"?

We advise on rental companies and put-ins and take -outs.  Everything else is up to the guest.

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