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I am looking for some recommendation for CPA's familiar with rental property. I have used the same CPA for about 7 years now and am not very happy with him. I constantly find errors on my returns and have to tell him stuff that he missed. Now that I am into STR I am concerned he won't be maximizing some of the finer nuances of taxes in this arena. We are both physically located in the northern suburbs of Atlanta but do everything electronically so location isn't very important.

Thank you!


Check out I know she’s somewhere lurking around these forums but she seems like she’s exactly what you’re looking for.

We use the Ebere Okoye at the She's been doing our taxes for over 4 years now and I consider her to be one of the best in this business. She specializes in Real Estate, and will offer you a free consultation. Just go to the website. Good luck.

@Glen R.

Yikes - mistakes happen...but they should not be happening constantly. You should hire and pay an accountant so he can take the burden off your shoulder and to provide you advise you on strategies to make your tax bill go down.
It looks like he did neither. 

There are many CPA's on Biggerpockets who work with client's remotely. You should interview a couple and see who you connect with.

@Glen R.

I'm speaking with a CPA in 1.5 hours about the exact same topic.  He was referred to me; if he's good, I'll pass a referral along.  

Can you explain exactly what is your situation? Do you already have a legal structure in place? What are you using? Any pertinent details to help me/ him on this convo wolud be great. (Im new and have several short term rentals in NYC and looking to start buying and diversify; but buying in areas with STR markets specifically) happy to connect! thanks, N

@Noah Mencia

I too operate a 7 listing Airbnb in Brooklyn and am looking for a CPA who specializes in STR and can help me grow my business, it's structured as an S-Corp.

Wondering if you have any references for CPAs I know you said you were interviewing a few?

@Basit Siddiqi - can you make a recommendation of these many good CPA's working with real estate investor clients remotely? Are you one? If so, please PM me.

@Noah Mencia - did you find what you were looking for? Can you share any insights from the process or a recommendation for a good CPA?

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