Anybody needing a Seattle area property manager using Airbnb?!

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Hi - I am a successful Airbnb host who will be relocating to the Seattle area very soon. I am looking for multiple properties to manage. I can manage either the entire house, or individual rooms. I am a superhost and have a proven track record of making the guest’s visit perfect! Which leads to excellent reviews, which leads to more money in your pocket! And mine! :) If you have any questions – please give me a ring, let’s chat Airbnb :) Thank you and blessings! Lisa

This subject has caught my eye several times. For some reason I now feel the need to reply. I hang out on this forum because I self manage and I want to get better at it every day. If I were a rich guy I'd just google "property manager san Francisco" 

And even if I knew what BP was I probably wouldn't know how to find the Short Term section or even think that it exists. But I admire your efforts and I had a soft spot for your lack of replies. 

Hi Lisa.

I have 22 furnished STRs in this town.  Population of 9000.  5 homicides last year make this town the highest per capita homicide rate in this state.  The published unemployment rate is 6%, but the real rate is probably 4x that amount.  Unemployment isn't the big problem, it is meth. 

Let's AirBnB!

@Lisa B. Research the existence of Seattle STR meetups or fb groups. Join from afar or start them now. Message current hosts. Tell them about the group and plan a meetup. Network and then offer to manage. There's a lot you can do prior to moving to set yourself up. Good luck.

Hi Lisa! So, you host for other hosts/owners through the airbnb cohosting platform, or through something else? I agree with the above posters, find the STR meetups and go ahead and join their facebook groups, etc. Also, if it were me, I woul get on my airbnb app and send messages to some hosts who are currently hosting in the area for some insight.

Thank you for your kind comments Carl! It sure isn’t easy finding someone, which completely surprises me! I would think there would be people all over looking to bring in some extra cash without having to do any of the work themselves! I won’t give up though. It is my passion :)
Take Care!

@Nancy B Thanks Nancy for all that great advice! I will definitely do all of that!

@Lisa B. , did you move to Seattle and get this going?  Happy to chat as we are potentially looking for an Airbnb PM for our condo in Downtown Redmond. 

Hi I just saw this and would love to chat with you about this! I'm just getting started with a property for Airbnb or short term in Seattle and looking for a manager, just like what you describe. Still in Seattle? 

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