What's your typical or average percent occupancy?

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Simple enough question asked by someone looking for insight.  What is your typical or average percent occupancy (or vacancy, if you prefer) during your "vacation season".  Please specify which.  Thanks.

I believe I am 271 occupied for 2017.

That is for a Lake house in a somewhat rural setting 15 minutes from a College. Football game weekends bring in top dollar in the fall where this would typically be off season. It is amazing to me how much we rent in the Spring Winter and Fall.

I shoot for 83% (25 days) and I've never been that low. I generally obsess over numbers and my spread sheets contain more data than they need to but this isn't a number I pay attention to anymore. 100% happens sometimes. 

Over the past 7 years we've been 87% - 91% all year round.  We have two condos in Kihei, Maui, so even though the winter time is the "high season," we are still able to keep our units full the rest of the year too.

I just started doing vacation rentals and I am in the middle of WY in a town of only 3,000, but so far I am only doing about 10% rented out.  It has only been 4 months, and it is the slow time of the year.  I have very low rates in hopes of directing more traffic to my place.  So far I have lost money every month but hope that spring and summer turns that around.  On the bright side My last 3 guests have left very nice notes assuring me they will use my house the next time they come to town.   I plan to give4 it a year before I make a decision on whether to keep at it or turn it into a regular monthly rental.

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