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Hi I currently manage 30 Airbnb rentals in Chicago.

I am flying out to Miami after during the week of February 7th. I will drive out to Fort Lauderdale  & West Palm Beach

I am interested in Airbnb investing in South Florida. 

Any tips or suggestions for me while i come down to understand the area? I hear theres high demand for short term vacation rentals in Florida

Any Airbnb Hosts, Real Estate Agents, Investors like to meet up for 30 min Coffee? (on me and close to your location)

Hello Syed, good morning. I know of a few realtors that could help you out in regards to the search criteria that you are looking for. More so in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

Please share with me as well, I have looked at a number of properties in south Florida but I would like to talk to an experienced Realtor with boots on the ground there.

Anyone in the Airbnb game in South Florida that would like to meet up and have coffee?

I found a property that is already being used as an air bnb in central Fl. Is anyone interested in that? If so, email me.

Hi, Syed,

I am an Airbnb Superhost with 3 units in Miami (Coral Gables, to be specific).  There is definitely a high demand for short term rentals here.  I am actually thinking of converting some of my other rentals into Airbnb units to keep up with the demand.  I'd be happy to share what I know about the Airbnb market here in South Florida, and would love to hear more about your management system. 

Jean Haisch

@Syed Lateef  Hi Syed. I should be available that week. Previously managed over 100+ rentals in South FL through very large management team but out of commission until I setup my own company. Happy to share any info you need.

@Richard Ibeh Thanks!  I will keep in touch and get your contact info

@Jean Haisch Lets get together! i can tell you about some ways i automated some tasks using software and i can show you how they work

I will keep in touch on your guys availability while im down there to meet

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I'm looking to get into the airbnb game (did it for 2 years in LA and loved it) in Miami/Coastal Broward areas.  I have a friend here who  does it with a 7 bedroom house.  I hear that Miami-Dade is way stricter than Broward.  

@Raymond J. Rodrigues are you in Miami during this time? If so id love to touch base with you and you can let me know what you know about the market

I know this is rare but are there any Airbnb friendly buildings in Miami our South Florida that will allow me to lease for one year then turn around and sublease it on Airbnb?

I can give you a finders fee if your able to find me that 

Hey guys am from Colorado and own property there, living now in miami brickell and have family in Chicago area. I want more good real estate investment opportunities. Let’s meet.

@Anu Gunn Miami Beach is strict - 70% of the area is restricted from STR. However, off the beach is pretty normal. The county has a standard process to get your rental license to legally operate.

Brickell is really nice. Lots of new construction. It is downtown Miami on the mainland. Miami Beach would be right across the intracoastal on the oceanside.  Miami is booming. 

If you want something less crowded try Vero Beach.

Do your research and call the local counties to see where they stand on STR. I know in my area the Code Enforcement Departments have gone so far as even hire 3rd Party companies to search AirBNB, Homeaway, Flipkey and VRBO looking for listings in their jurisdiction and then verify if these addresses have registered. To be in full compliance even requires the fire department to inspect a min of 1x a year and in a few counties I know require 2x a year (same as hotels) each inspection costs $100-$250 an inspection on top of all the other required licenses. Miami and San Francisco really drew attention to the STR industry and its become more restrictive.

@Syed Lateef i am in the Palm Beach area and would love to meet up for coffee and discuss the STR scene in Delray, WPB etc.

plus I’m from the Midwest too! (Minnesota and no please don’t mention the Vikings to me! lol) 

@Share Ross Sounds good! I will DM you 

I will be making my way up north from Miami most likely Saturday the 10th. 

Hopefully that works for you

I can make that work! 

Again.... Someone needs to write a blog about “AirBnB vs long term in city XYorZ” so we have a quick reply to this ever present question in our small community. Julie or Paul.... get on it ;)

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