Atlanta Condos that allow airbnb, short-term rentals?

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Hi, would anyone know which condos allow airbnb in metro atlanta? I know a lot of condos have restrictions on short-term rentals but I’m having difficulty finding details about it. Thank you!

Find yourself an Atlanta agent the specializes in short term rental if there is such a person. This will take several phone calls in itself.
If there isn’t such a person.... be prepared to do the work yourself. Just pick up the phone and start making calls. First call should be to the city and ask 100 questions. Then call the front desk at condo buildings that are in areas you like and your price range and just ask the front desk.

Personally I would not look to do short term in an inner city. And certainly not in a condo. You’ll have way too many neighbors that will quickly get sick of the loud music and puking. This is what hotels are for.

That being said..... go for it!!!!! Just be careful and make sure you have an out if and when you get shut down (long term tenant), and pay your sales and occupancy tax!

Good luck happy to help any way I can.

Hi Johannie! I am an Airbnb host and a licensed Condo and HOA CAM Manager in Florida. Most Condos do not allow short term rentals - for the best chance I would look for older condos or if there are any vacation style condo properties.

If you find any Condos you are looking at send me the docs and I can look them over and try to best advise you.  Most Condos will still not like the fact that you are there and it could become a big pain for you.  

@Johannie Keith Uy

Atlanta has a growing market with pockets of Airbnb friendly buildings all over. Depending on where you are looking to be located there’s several locations you can do. There’s a company called Rented Capital that has contracts with building owners that rent out fully furnished apartments in buildings with hotel quality amenities such as pools and gyms for reasonable rates. Of course they do want a cut of the action with a fee that is 5% of monthly lease paid over course of term. 2.5% after year 1. Not terrible considering what you aren’t paying to furnish or find the place.

Peachtree Towers Condominiums and Landmark Condos. Both are downtown. 

Thank you for all your inputs!!! I will definitely look into those.

@Johannie Keith Uy - I know it's not your question, but a young physician shouldn't be buying/running Airbnb condos.   I think you should do a little tax planning and compare a house purchase vs. condo.  You should also consider master leasing the house to an Airbnb host.  

Unless you're a resident, you probably don't want the income yet.  A great benefit to you would be to build your balance sheet and shelter your income from taxes.

Lastly, downtown condos are going to be the first to get shut down, if any.  Imagine how a hotel would view a condo tower with more Airbnb units than they have rooms.  

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