Creative marketing strategies for increasing bookings?

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Hi all,

Fairly new investor here, wanted to check around to see if anyone has any creative or out of the box strategies when it comes to helping to generate bookings, particularly during slow season?  I'm already doing all the typical booking sites online (AirBNB, VRBO, etc.), but curious if anyone has had success finding additional ways to drive rental growth in your community or demographic?


I hand out pens with my information on it to all potential renters.  In October-December I give out a calendar for next year that is demographically appropriate for the people that rent from me.  The message on the pen and calendar is:




Demographically appropriate is scantily women doing construction.  I'd rather do nudes, but my other half doesn't like them.

I've also mailed out my flyers and a cover letter to every welding school and refinery in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Thanks Paul great info.  I especially like the idea of doing flyers with a cover letter to targeted groups who may be visiting the area, I will definitely give that a try.  I was thinking of doing more research on events that take place in the area and figuring out who would be going to those and how to target them with discounted stays.

@Kyle Hauge I'm personally trying to think of more out of the box ideas myself. The majority of us are 99% reliant on inbound web traffic and have forgotten about doing our own outreach to drive traffic.

You can do some research on Facebook. Look for groups that might have been created for events in your area and advertise your listing with a special discount. Advertise to your own personal network and depending on the size of your place you can connect with travel nursing companies who are always seeking short-term housing for their staff.

I personally haven't tried any of these but just throwing ideas out there. If you come across anything successful please do share. Thanks!

We just started pulling together a previous client list and will be sending monthly emails to them showing open dates, local events, restaurant reviews, property improvements and such. The goal is to stay fresh in their mind when they book the next vacation. We can also offer a discount or increase profitability if they book directly with us. We might offer last minute heavy discounts to increase our occupancy percentage to our select preferred customers.

@Bryan Frost  @Richard Ibeh

Great ideas guys.  Yes I think social media will play a key part in my strategy.  I just launched an Instagram business page for one property and gave it a catchy title and try to find the right hashtags to associate with.  Now time to research all the local business and events as you mentioned and try to create as much connection and buzz as possible.  I think I'm going to give Craigslist a try and well and create a periodic weekend special with different themes every couple weeks.

I like the idea of the monthly emails to guest and followers as well with updates on what's going on in the area.  Keep me posted on your progress and I'll do the same

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