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Does anyone know of a website developer or company that produces great vacation rental websites?

Not looking for a website builder that comes with software as I don't want to be tied to them and lose my website when it's time to move in a different direction.

Do you mean for your own personal property? If so, that is easy - Word Press. 

If you mean P2P, that is significantly more complicated and would require a massive investment.

Hi @Richard Ibeh , thanks for the post! 

My first answer is yes...Airbnb and VRBO/Homeway. :-)  Because they are simply going to give you order of magnitudes more traffic than anything you build for yourself.  However, if you want your own site and to control your domain and it's assets perpetually then you are going to need to get your hands dirty a bit.  Meaning you will want to purchase your own domain name and hosting services for which you will need to pay for those either monthly or yearly (domain yearly or every X years).  I'm assuming you don't want to use Wix or something similar..which do have good models by the way...not sure what they have for VR sites though. 

The De facto model for this type of setup is a Wordpress site housed on some type of hosting platform like GoDaddy, Siteground or Bluehost (to name a few).   The nice part about Wordpress is you can search for thousands of options of 'themes' to choose from (click here) at which point you will purchase the theme and hire a freelance website developer to put it all together for you, such as on or  Here is one I created for my rental in less than a day and for under $75 (I'm in IT/Technology so I build this more for fun than anything else):

That being said, if you have a good SEO strategy and in the right market, there is no reason you can't drive some good traffic to your site.  Here is a BP article I wrote on this topic as well if you like to read more:

Best of luck to you and let me know if I can answer any specific question or if you feel I mis-interpreted your question in anyway. 



@Michael Kugler I have over 20 properties and will be buying small boutique resort (8 units on the beach) and few other homes so not looking for anything basic so definitely need a developer for customization.

@Jon Crosby thanks for your feedback. Definitely on all those marketing channels already so looking for a website for direct bookings.

@Richard Ibeh If you do go the Wordpress route, you will want something like this theme here that can handle multiple properties, SEO optimization and payments.

You might even need 2 sites, one for your normal homes and one for the resort.  Sounds like awesome stuff though and would love to hear more about your business model sometime!

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@Richard Ibeh Do you have plans to expand beyond the 20 current properties beyond the 8 units on the beach? If so, you will want a dedicated server to host your website. WordPress can handle what you are looking for fairly easily, and is very customizable. It also gives you the ability to terminate your developer and keep your website. Going this route would be less costly in the long run, and you will be able to adapt easily. 

It sounds like you biggest issue is going to be your hosting and security. If you plan on expanding your holdings, which I imagine is the plan, you will want a dedicated host with unlimited band width and possibly the ability to handle multiple sites while keeping your data and your clients data secure. 

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