Rental Home as a Wedding Venue?

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Does anyone use their home as a wedding venue? I am considering using a couple of my properties for wedding and other events. I'd like to get ideas of what people charge, what goes into it, etc., etc.

There was a pretty interesting thread on this topic a couple of months ago... oh wait... you started it.  ;)

Afraid I don't have anything else to add.  Not sure if we have any regulars on the board with event venue spaces.

That's funny. With Facebook groups, local REI forums, etc. I forgot I asked that question here. Anyways, still looking for input.


Two homes near me were purchased as venues, both on acreage so ample parking. One does weddings and it looks to be a quite large house with maybe 3-5 acres of space overlooking a creek. The other is similar acreage on the county road so lots of traffic. They had some sort of Christmas Santas place thing and they have put up big tents for other things. They may have added a metal building. It is off co rd 3406 in zip 78681. My high school reunion (I didn’t go) was held at “the barn on the meadow” or some such in SW Amarillo off Hollywood rd I think. Its on facebook. V cute barn decked out with a rustic hodge-podge of antique chairs and tables. Cowboy wedding venue, parties, etc. Again, house on acreage with the barn. No idea on pricing but maybe you can find their websites or fb pages. The acreage for parking seems to be a common thread.

Thanks Marion!

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