Have you had a renter that deceased?

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8 months ago a prospective tenant called me about a STR. After a 3 minute conversation he decided he wanted to stay there. He shows up 3 hours later in a taxi. It's apparent he has dementia. He is a 70 year old Vietnam vet with no wife, no kids, no brothers or sisters. I couldn't really tell him no. He'd have to take a 2.5 hour taxi ride back to where he called from.

The police called me last week about the guy. They wanted his phone number.  A few days later I see an article in the paper about a deceased person they found by railroad tracks a few blocks away and were trying to identify the person.

Today I read an article.  The person they were trying to identify was my tenant.  The PD is trying to find relatives.  I went to his place and I can't really describe what it's like to see a place that a person with dementia lived in.  I found papers with phone numbers and gave them to the PD along with a statement.

Yikes!  What a sad story.  :(  I have not had any tenants pass away while with me, and I hope none ever do - especially since mine only stay a few days at a time!  

My sincere condolences @Paul Sandhu to your guest's family and yourself.  Dementia is a terrible thing to witness and have to see loved ones go thru.  I hope that your statement and papers can help bring some closure to that man's family.  

Sorry again and thank you for sharing a very 'real' story regarding your STR.

Buddy of mine who’s been in the VR rental business for 15 years had an elderly woman die of a heart attack while on vacation. They were staying at his condo but she was actually floating in the ocean when it happened. I guess if you’re in this business long enough you’ll see a little of everything.

I have had plenty of tenants die. You either go after the family/estate for rent money or you let it go, follow your state regulations and get the place re rented asap. After the initial issues subside it is no different that any tennat breaking their lease except you can not take them to court.

You could have and should have told him no when he showed up at your door. Always remember you are operating a business, there is no place for emotions. 

Hopefully you will have learned from this experience and leave your compassion at home when screening applicants.

Damm tough post here to read sorry

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