Short-term rental Bedding Supplies - Where should I get them?

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Hi everyone, I am still setting up my first rental, do you guys have any suggestions where should I get bedding supplies? Some people say target or Amazon, but products there are still too expensive for me. Because my rental has three bedrooms, two have one king size bed and one has two twin size bed, I will need at least 12 sets of the whole thing includes pillows, bedding sheets, bedspread, and comforters. If I buy all products from target I would probably go bankrupt before start list my rentals online... any suggestion would help, thank you in advance.

In a crunch I do the "Bed In A Bag" from WalMart.  I just buy one set for each bed.  When it's time to do laundry, I have about 25 other washers and dryers in other STRs no more than 5 minutes away, and can do the laundry in places that are not rented out.  You have the washer/dryer in your own house to use.

Why do you need extra pillows?

If you think you are going to go bankrupt, wait until you get the bills for water, gas, cable, internet, trash, mowing, electric and sewer while the place is unoccupied.

The worst thing that can happen is that some meth head breaks into your place, steals the HDTV, and sets the place on fire while cooking meth; but don't let that discourage you.

I love the site You can find flash sales of comforters for under $20/piece and sheet sets for under $15. Some people say white sheets are best, but I actually prefer colored/patterned sheets for a touch of personality.

Make sure to splurge on at least two quality pillows per bed (see if you have a friend or family member or acquaintance who works at a place like mattress firm as they can hook you up with some serious discounts). The extra 2 pillows per bed can be walmart pillows if you want.

Thank you for all responses. I actually went with one site called, I knew them from their marketing email. Their bedding prices are good, but the shipping fees are just absurd... anyway I contacted CSR to see if I can get a lower shipping fee and they offered me free shipping because I order a lot...guess it never hurt to try lol

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