The NEW Ultimate REVIEW Thread for Self Managed STR Hosts

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** Due to much confusion and negativity I started this new thread **

For hosts that own and self manage a Vacation Rental or Short Term Rental on Airbnb/VRBO; this is a place to share the reviews that either ruined or made your day!

Get a 3 star review that made you lose your mind? We feel your pain here in the Short-Term/Vacation rental forum. Please share with us!

A wedding engagement on your porch? Let's hear about it! 

Please don't get off the subject 

This is timely because I got my first 3-star yesterday. It was on Homeaway, my least-booked platform, so it wasn't as awful as it would have been on Airbnb (SuperHost), but the truth is, I am getting more and more bookings from VRBO/HA.

The complaints were somewhere between petty and legit. The fragrance of my plug-in air fresheners was overpowering, they said. My House Manual does address this issue, suggesting that guests simply unplug the fresheners if they don't like them.

The other thing was 2 bowls of unwrapped soaps in a bathroom. Most of these are unused (with wrappers off because they had become worn and dirty), but unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, a couple of used ones had made their way into the bowls, complete with the dreaded human hair. I will be removing these bowls of soap.

*** 3 Stars

"I was dissapointed that there weren't 3 types of moonshine at the cabin for me to sample during my stay."

A jar of moonshine is $25. So he was expecting $75 worth of moonshine for a one night stay worth $100. How he came up with the number "3" I have no idea. And to top it all off he scratched the crap out of my hardwoods with his suitcase. Did I mention he was a preacher?


@Kathy Hansen - I lie awake in bed worried about The Dreaded Human Hair. I’ve been lucky (and I know it is luck) to avoid TDHH so far, but I know it’s coming. This thread reminds me that I’m not paranoid, but that they really are out to get us... with “they” being individual human hair follicles. 

Quick tip: publicly reply to all your reviews, even if it’s just to thank them. Then, when the 3 star review comes in, it doesn’t look like you’re only paying attention now. Never correct them, just point out the obvious: “in my manual it says to unplug the air freshener. Sorry if you didn’t read that paragraph....”

@Nancy Bachety couldn’t agree mode with your Quick Tip. I leave a response to every single review. You check out your competition and they only respond to bad reviews.