Any Changes Resulting From Proposed "Expedia" Law in Missouri?

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Good morning all! New investor, new to Bigger Pockets, and first-time poster here. We are wanting to purchase our first STR condo in Branson, Mo. We live two hours away in Bentonville, Ar and are planning to self-manage. I can't find any recent news on the "Expedia" bill that was being discussed last year and earlier this year. Does anyone know what became of that?

Also, I would love advice from any that have already invested in STRs in the Branson area! 

Thank you in advance!

Hi Lacy, 

I believe the "Expedia bill" died in committee. However, you should be able to file a formal request with Planning and Zoning for a Division III "Special Use Permit" to designate the property as a nightly rental. 

Good luck!