Score any Towel deals lately?

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Sams club has apparently discontinued selling decent towels on line all I can find is white in a bath sheet. 

Any one find a good score on towels lately? 

We've gotten all of ours at Costco.  They sell packs of white body, hair and washclothes.  Sort of like hotel towels.  The quality is fairly good (guests have been happy with them) and they are cheap enough to buy in bulk and replace if they get dirty.

@Mark S. that was the second place I looked but I don’t want white they stain too easily we find the dark colors last longer. Damn it sams club! 

@Lucas Carl  That was my original thinking going into this too.  But two things changed our mind.  One, a guest can always tell if a lighter (white) color towel is clean by looking at it.  And two, our housekeepers bleach the heck out of a white load of linens to get most dirt/stains out of them.

We find that they tend to wear out before they get 'stained' out.  So going an affordable route, like Costco, has worked for us.

We take a similar approach with bed linens.  We don't use all white linens, but we go more lighter than darker.

I agree! We have never used anything other than white towels. White screams “Clean!” and the hotel industry knows this, and we have always tried to model them. Bleach is the cleaning person’s best friend, and we don’t have a problem with stains on towels or hand towels. We find that most stains come from people who remove makeup onto the wash cloths, and while we still stock white wash cloths for general use, we place three of these types of makeup-removal wash cloths on each bathroom counter so that the guests use them instead of the white wash cloths.

Sorry, this didn't really answer the "towel deal" question, but yeah, Wal-Mart and Costco are both good places.

@Jen Faulkner   Yes!  It's amazing how careless people can be when removing makeup.  We have even found a time when someone would take a clean towel from a stack, get it filthy with makeup, and then fold it back and try to hide it.

We've started to leave out makeup remover wipes to help avoid that.  So far so good.

@Lucas Carl  You and your guests should be very happy.  Last year I grabbed a towel at the house, and it was MOST unsatisfactory.  It turned out to be a lesser towel from another property using the same management.  That's why I stick with the Wamsutta.  The dogs at the local shelter liked it just fine, though.

Each of my VRs has different brands in them; my personal favorite for use/texture has been the Royal Velvet Signature Soft towels from JC Penney.  However, they're also in my newest place so I can't comment on longevity.

That said, JC Penney has KILLER sales and these towels are a screaming deal right now.  I just bought 9 of the 6 piece sets for $275.  

Re: white vs. color, I just bought the tan color (Colonial Cobblestone) with the intent of replacing the white towels in one of my houses.  I have tan in two VRs - that housekeeper never tells me they're stained and I gotta replace them.  I have white in the other - and I hear about/find stains all the time (usually very small, but enough for me to feel like they need to be taken from circulation).  And yes, the white towels get bleached - which makes the threads fray, so they look ratty quickly.  So, put me on Team Tan.

@Mark S. , exactly!  We haven't even had the makeup cloths for very long, but when my son and and a couple of his friends visited one of our rentals earlier this year, his girlfriend was actually one of the people who used one of our white cloths to remove her makeup!  I was surprised, because I thought she would know better.  I guess not.

@Lucas Carl, like someone said above, usually the towels wear out before they get "stained out."  

Great ideas people, thanks for sharing. I have easy access to a Costco Business Center that has different towels/linens than the regular warehouses. Going to get a bunch to outfit the two cabins we close on next week. I'll let you know how they hold up. Since they are geared towards the hotel industry, I am thinking they will work well. Surprisingly, they're available in tan, brown, and a dark blue as well. Based on your feedback here, going to go with the tan.

If all things are nearly equal, I usually default to Costco because of their great return policies.