Revenue Forecasting Tools

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I have 12 units that we are doing a combination of short term (less than 30 day), mid-term (30 - 364 days) and long term (1year plus) rentals.  

We are looking for a software suite that can help with budgeting and planning.  Excel is no longer scalable for us and we are looking for a platform that will allow us to put in forecasts for the properties and ideally pull data in from an accounting system to report.  

Any advice on systems that could be helpful?

I use a posterboard with 23 horizonal lines and 6 sets of 7 vertical lines.  Each horizontal line is an address.  The 6 sets are for 6 weeks.  You don't need a computer program.  Just do it on paper.  It's not that difficult.  People think that some fancy computer program will give them an answer or an advantage.  It's what's between your ears that counts.

@Jay Levy At only 12 units (assuming these aren't multi-million $ units), you will be burning far more in resources buying/running a software based solution for your budgeting and planning. 

What issues are you running into with Excel? FYI: Not a proponent of using Excel models in stabilized business with large volumes of data. 

You can model dynamically and run a macro for different scenarios for your budgeting/planning at your unit size (unless I'm missing something).