Downtown Clearwater FL short term rental

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Hello BP,

I have an investment property out in downtown Clearwater and I was trying to find any information on short term leasing(AirBNB/VBRO).  Meaning does Clearwater have any restrictions or taxes that they impose on those type of rentals.  I have read something about beach front properties but wasn't sure if downtown was included.  

If there is restrictions, does anybody know how to apply for permits for short term leasing or rates for applications?



I literally just read an article in the Tampa Bay Times about a short-term host getting fined by the city of Clearwater (to the tune of five figures) for violating their regulations.  So definitely proceed with caution.  Good luck!

Very few properties are grandfathered in.  Usually, they have very high insurance and property tax and therefore are advertised accordingly.

Everything else has at least 30 days. 

Code enforcement is actively searching, so don't go there. 

They even approached us, when our tenant started renting out a room short term.

@Stephan K. is right. Clearwater is probably the toughest on STR in the area, but it is different for every municipality. In Pinellas county pretty much every municipality has a minimum 30 day rental rule with a few grandfathered exceptions.

In Charlotte county here in Florida, We are on the Beach, Manasota Key where short term rentals are allowed.

We have to collect from the guest or renters a 12% for taxes, 7% for the state of Florida and 5% for Charlotte county resort tax

Guest or renters pay this we just collect and file withe State and County

Anything over 6 months rentals do not pay taxes.

We do get snowbirds for 6 months so we usually will write the lease up for 6 months plus 1 day