Air BnB Out Basement in Nashville (Hendersonville/Mt. Juliet)

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I know Nashville has been a hot bed for Air Bnb controversy recently, but I think as long as it's your primary residence it can still work and be legal?  For instance, if you had a home in a nice subdivision with a 1-2 bedroom finished basement with kitchen, could you stay in the basement full-time (I'm a single bachelor) and then Air BnB out the entire top of the home?  Or would some nice subdivisions still try and block that activity if a lot of guests are coming and going?  I travel a lot too, so how do they prove how much time I would actually be at the home and would I then be in jeopardy of them trying to claim it's not my "primary" residence?  

@Bob Mueller Jr.

Sounds like you are looking for a type 1 owner occupied permit. Yes, those are still available.

You will have to apply for one, prove you live there and pass a fire inspection

You mention a subdivision. My guess is you have an HOA? If that's the case, the HOA can prevent you from doing what you want. I don't know what the bylaws state.

The HOA most definitely can be a source of pain when it comes to "he doesn't really live there" drama. HOA members ride high on their power trips I will tell you that. I think the head of our HOA in my subdivision believes she owns every house in the subdivision. If you ever showed up before a judge because a codes inspector brought an issue against you, i think the court would be very hard pressed to prove you don't live somewhere.

That's just my opinion. Metro hasn't even figured out the whole STR thing themselves. I like STRs but I will say they can really be a pain.

Why not just buy a 1%er and use that to pay half your mortgage and not have strangers in your house.