Urgent information for Colorado Springs STR Owners + Stakeholders

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Heads up if you have a stake in the future of vacation rentals in Colorado Springs! Authorities are considering legislation limiting STRs. 

Positive voices will certainly be needed from responsible and honest owners and managers who are respectful of neighbors and desire to operate vacation rentals in a beneficial and ongoing way. 

Here's a post from a fellow host (I don't personally know her) with a link some helpful information.

If STRs are limited to 7 days that will hobble a lot of people who rely on this business for their well being, including owners, mangers, cleaners, handymen, and the local vendors that supply our amenities. 

IMPORTANT NEXT MEETING tomorrow WEDS PM (Facebook Event link in the linked post)

I will be there. Please join me. 


Google AirBnB and hit the News button. It isn’t pretty anywhere in the world. No wonder they’re going public now.