Disclosing address of STR on VRBO

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When guests book on Airbnb they get the property address right away. Is it the same on VRBO? My guest paid in full and her reservation starts July 21. She’s asking me for the address which I’ll tell her, of course, but why is she asking me for it? Doesn’t VRBO give it to them and if , where can I direct her to look? Thanks. I’ve personally used Airbnb as a guest but not VRBO. 


I think it does in the app, but not everyone uses the app.

I just send the address and lockbox code the day before just to make sure they have it.

I have had some one see the boat ramp address and show up there in the dark by mistake. So I cover my bases and make 100% Sure I sent it to them. No one will be mad if they get it twice but if they never get it then ...

Yeah, I think it's only available in the app, which is something I absolutely loathe about VRBO.  There's no reason on earth they shouldn't be able to access all the property information via the site itself.  (incidentally, in the Hospitality Manager there is an option to only allow access to the address 30 days before the reservation begins, or 14, or 7, which I assume is to prevent people from booking, getting the address info, and then cancelling)

I too send the address and directions a couple of days before they arrive so there's no confusion about it.

Thanks. I’m wondering why she’s persistent in asking me for the address. If she paid in full but it’s more than 30 days out, can she cancel, is my question. I need to check my settings in the hospitality manager. I believe it’s 60 days. @John Underwood good idea about messaging them the address.  @Julie McCoy I’m with you on that app issue, it’s inefficient. . And people don’t know how to read it sometimes too. All good to know.

@Nancy Bachety why do you not want to give the address? If I am booking a property I would like to know the address as well. That way I can look up what’s nearby and plan accordingly.

@Anthony Wick

“She’s asking me for the address which I’ll tell her, of course, but why is she asking me for it? Doesn’t VRBO give it to them and if , where can I direct her to look?”

As others have said, usually this is a limitation of VRBO, Airbnb gives it on booking and is pretty up front about it.  

Do you have a "trade name" for your STR by chance @Nancy Bachety ?

If you do, and the guest still can't find you, it may be a sign you aren't showing up on things like google maps.  I've found that making sure we show up for our name on google is very effective in putting guests at ease and marketing to new guests.

@Peter R. That’s what I was thinking when I asked WHY is she asking - it’s a VRBO limitation. And your second comment is precisely why I asked my question, to get a great idea like putting our trade name on google maps. 

I can give guests on VRBO our address all day long but I never would have thought about putting us on a map. Still, I’m not quick to advertise our precise location to non booking guests but it is something I’m going to think about for its obvious marketing reasons. When we had a cycling studio we put it on google maps - good suggestion.