STR/AirBNB : Container Homes

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That depends completely on what the local market is (what are AirBNB users typically looking for?), what local zoning laws are (are container homes allowed?  How many can you legally put on your lot?), and a real cost analysis of container home vs. site- built home.  They may not be as cheap as you think.

Per usual, check with your local zoning laws. They'll be laws on land use based on zoning--land use meaning what's the max residential structures allowed on the total plot of land. There's also considerations on how they will view the container. Will it be a permanent structure with all the usual connections (water, electric, sewer, etc.) or will it be viewed as a secondary dwelling like a shed or garage? How you chose to outfit the container controls this. 

Also, if it's on land that you also live one, I think you'll have an easier time with this--especially AirBnb. Renting gets back into the zoning issue I think. If it's land you purchased and placed a container on, it might be more complicated.

As a side note, I find this whole alternative housing "movement" intriguing so I did some research recently on buying land and allowing tiny housers to rent plots as they're traveling. Unfortunately laws haven't caught up yet and my plan is riddled with issues related to zoning, land use, and minimum housing sizes. As a way to make a quick buck on land I already own my plan makes sense but to buy land and go into business of essentially a tiny house park, it doesn't make sense at all--at least not in a way I've found YET!

Anywho, just my 2 cents.

Hi. Anyone have info how to best find the land zoned to allow for container homes? I understand you have to check with each local county or city zoning department, but was hoping someone might have experience or links to resources that can identify the zones classified to allow containers and/or areas they have built them on more quickly. Checking with the departments one by one for each land listing that looks promising seems very inefficient.

Regarding costs, i hear build costs of containers vs stick built being similar, but I had wondered if that is taking all aspects into consideration like build time, foundation and site prep requirements, etc. yes, steel cutters and welders are a special trade but the structure can arrive pre-built and potentially just sit on concrete pier foundations if the soil and zoning allows. That would seem significant savings over building concrete foundations and wood structure. Not to mention, in hurricane climates and seismic, container structure provide extremely additional structural support compared to conventional stick build.

Anyone else have thoughts or real experience on this?

I also found a cool container home on Airbnb Box Hop - Hocking Hills