Website Booking plugin for STR that works with Airbnb/VRBO, etc.

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I host my own website that I built using wix. I also subscribe to ownerrez (not their website hosting). They offer widgets that are very easy to setup and allow you to take reservations through your personal website, as well as linking your payments accounts.

Setup took 10 mins and if I had to do it again it would take me 1 minute. Love it

@Kevin Lefeuvre   As it pertains to my post last year on this topic, the site I used the WP plugin on really didn't go anywhere so I don't have much info to provide there.  For my personal property and website I still send uses to my Evolve listing so they can take care of the payments, calendar, etc.   Sorry I can't provide more info for you on this front unfortunately.  

@Valerie Rogers that’s great info! @Kevin Lefeuvre , I ended up using VRCalendarPro but it was only supposed to be a temporary fix as I got pretty busy with rehabbing other units and being over 95% booked on my Airbnb’s I didn’t get back to it as it wasn’t priority #1. However in light of this renewed topic interest, I’m eager to try out a few more options and I really like what Valerie has in place. I’m in the middle of another rehab now but when this one is done I’ll give this another crack! Thanks everyone!