How do you reset for your next guests?

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My husband and I are getting ready to list our first property on AirBnB. We're a 30 minute drive from it and in the beginning we'll be the ones turning it over but I'd love to know how distance hosts manage preparing for the next guest. How to you schedule cleaners? Check on thoroughness? Do they also refill/replenish things (TP, paper towels, etc.) What do you do about sheets and bath towels?

I know it'll be a game of trial and error in the beginning but I'm just looking for some tips from others that have gone through it to lessen the learning curve. 


I don't personally own anything on Air BnB but we had an interesting experience in one not too long ago. We stayed at a Lake Community in a multi family apartment/condo style building. We rented a small condo (800 sq ft or so). The owner had a lock box with keys on the outside and requested that we leave a roll of tp and paper towels upon our departure as well as $20 on the counter for the maid. Small town I suppose that one can get away with operating like this. Not condoning this as a business practice but thought it was interesting. 

We have a house cleaner who takes care of everything for us. We text her the dates of the reservations for the next couple of weeks and have a digital lock with her own code so we know when she comes and goes. We keep all of the supplies in the owner's closet and she replenishes everything. We leave our guests welcome baskets and try to make a bunch up at a time but she will do it if we run out and always puts them out for the guests. On same day turn arounds we ask the outgoing guests to start a load of towels so it will cut down on the time needed to do the laundry.

I utilize an owners closet (a closet that only myself and the cleaners have access to).  You simply find a closet that’s large enough and slap a dead bolt on it.  

I provide a running google sheet (think excel file) with all reservations and cleaners check it and plan accordingly.  

Cleaners go in and do their thing.  They notify me if anything is wrong.  You’ll find that a good cleaner will know your property better than you do.  I don’t check their cleanliness.  If they’re slacking you’ll know when the guest calls angrily.  I supply a basic starter set of its ( a few rolls or TP, basic soaps etc) and let guests know that only an initial basic supply is provided so they know to pack ahead. 

It’s a pretty seamless experience.

I go there to start doing laundry and take out trash.  Wife shows up later and does all the cleaning and making beds.  We go to WalMart to replenish consumable supplies. 

High Point, NC. We get a lot of business travel since it's the furniture capital of the world. There are also a good bit of hospitals and colleges in the area.

My wife blasted out on the local Facebook group looking for a recommendation and she was one of the names. We lucked out getting a great one on the first try!

We also do the starter set of toiletries and it is listed in our documents. We order in bulk the shampoo, conditioner and individually wrapped soap.

Hit me on PM and I’ll give you my number. I have 5 that I manage remotely with a day job as well as LTRs. Happy to teach you my system.

We too have our cleaning person "reset" the house. She cleans, makes the beds, restocks paperproducts, coffee etc.

She often has from checkout time (11AM) to checkin time (4PM) to get the house ready for the incoming guests.

I use the TeamUp app to update the cleaning calendar because each cleaner can view the calendar with their specific user restrictions on their phone. The app is free. I think a paid subscription can also sync it with iCal. Once you hire a main cleaner you trust you won't need to inspect every time. In the beginning it will be a bit more hands on, but that is normal. 

I too have an owners closet where I keep the extra soaps, paper towels, toilet paper, towels, etc. My main cleaners do the laundry and use laundry service (they cover that) or on the smaller unit they take it home to wash it (sheets, towels). 

I considered cleaning my studio condo myself but found out that my time is better spent otherwise and also my cleaning people have way better skills in that, lol. They set up the towels in all sorts of fancy ways, do "hotel corners" on the beds, etc. Good luck! I hope your Airbnb rental is really successful!

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