How to Unblock a Canceled AirBnB Res on Homeaway Calendar?

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Was using pricelabs and it autopopulated a holiday with stupid low rates.  I had autobook on AirBnB and cancelled the reservation immediately.  The dates are now blocked on the AirBnb calendar.  And that calendar is automaticlly imported to VRBO.  Is there any way I can unblock just those dates on the homeaway calendar, while leaving the calendar synced?

I’d probably just google VRBO customer service before I bothered posting on here. I can’t post their phone number BP won’t let me. Just google it.

There’s a reason you’re paying them.

Might want to google AirBnB’s phone number two.

Might want to save both of these numbers in your phone because you will be calling them often.

Sometimes airbnb allows you to unblock those dates, depending on the circumstances. By default, when you cancel those dates are blocked. Go to those dates, edit, mark available. That should do it with syncing.

@Dave Homyak I agree that you probably can call VRBO and see if they can help you. Just wanted to say "I feel your pain", lol. Airbnb is very owner-unfriendly a lot of times. They "de-listed" one of my units for 7 days because a guests gave me a 2 star review. In her review she wrote that the studio was clean and beautiful and that I was very nice, but that the building overall was very loud. LOL. I don't own the building and no one else every complained. It's downtown Fort Walton in the middle of crazy tourist season. Good luck! Let us know  how the issue gets resolved cuz I may need that info at some point.

Wanted to update.  I finally got around to calling and requesting the blocked dates become unblocked.  I was told it would need escalated and I would be either getting a phone call or email requesting more information.  However, about 10 minutes later, I received a message that the dates would be unblocked as a one time courtesy, as my record with ABB is good. So, success with a 5 minute phone call.