Airbnb compliancy in the Poconos area

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Hope you are all well and nice to meet you all

i was recommended by a mutual friend, to see if this forum can help us.

We have properties in Poconos and are being aggressively harassed to get these short term rental permits and take the properties off of AirBnb till they re fully compliant.

How can we rely on your advice or services??

any one can recommend an expeditor that specializes in the area?

I thank you in advance!

Can you give some more details on who and what are harassing you? Most permits and PA hotel tax certificate are pretty quick to acquire in the Poconos/PA.

the filing to get the two or three permits, like motel permit and short rate stay permits is not the issue, they want us not to take any renters until this is obtained that is the killer here. we have retained an attorney and are hoping they understand that this is a busienss and will suffer hardship if we stop the renting till permits and licenses are issued'

Its a business & should be properly permitted, the authorities don't care if you "suffer hardship" because you didn't properly permit & license your business.