Does anyone Rent their homes through Airbnb?

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@Armando Rodriguez Id suggest listening to all 300 podcasts then come on back and ask some questions. AirBnB is a 2.6 billion dollar company. Of course people are renting homes on it. Good luck

Hey @Armando Rodriguez !  

Thanks for the post, and yes as Lucas mentioned almost everyone on here likely has an Airbnb listing as a booking channel for their short term rental.  

Usually when I hear a general question like this it's sitting behind some more specific fears or questions that need to be answered.  I welcome you to shoot me a private message on your specific questions if you like about short term rentals and/or Airbnb.   

Just for full transparency however, while my properties are listed on Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc. I use a universal booking company called Evolve to facilitate those efforts.  Nonetheless I'm sure I could answer a few general questions you might have.  


been listing multiple of my properties through airbnb,vrbo and homeaway for over 12 years. Vegas is an interesting spot, I hear they’re cracking down on strs through regulation so just something to watch out for. If you have any questions feel free to ask I list and manage all of my own properties. 

If you mean vegas and not north Las Vegas (a different city) the air bnb answer is almost 100% no. Laws are changing monthly but the best you can hope for outside of NLV is no one within 600’ as one and they approve your application before anyine else Or you’ll be denied. I still believe Clark county is 100% no go. 

Google Las Vegas air bnb lady fined $70k for a related article. City/state/county have employees scouring daily rent sites for Vegas properties. 

I love my vegas rentals but no t for daily rentals. They aren’t loved or wanted. And there’s been no grandfathering. Could be legal today when you buy and illegal tomorrow. 

I wouldn't buy a property that couldn't work as a long term rental until the issues with the laws settle down or buy in a place that is very STR friendly and has actual enacted protections for them. We own two and we are good to go but I definitely would have a plan B in place.

@Jason Snider I don’t anticipate I do research. Go on AirBnB and obsess over the listings in your area. Don’t forget VRBO. If you’re in a city I wouldn’t bother. My market I stay 86% occupied year round.