Estimating STR growth over last few decades

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I live in a small coastal tourist town that has had lots of vacation rentals for a long time. There is town ordnance being proposed to regulate short term rentals and the growth of online sites (Air BNB, VRBO) is being blamed for a couple noise complaints that are nothing new nor happening at an increased rate. 

I would like to demonstrate the growth of STRs relative to the growth of the rest of the town but I am having trouble finding a data source for the number of STRs over the past 10,20,30 years. Does anyone have any ideas where I can dig this up?

One of the speakers at the Vacation Rental Success Summit had that data, but I can't remember what presenter it was.  You might reach out to them via email or facebook and see if they have the info handy.

I would like to compare the # of old school paper/realtor ads vs the online #. This would show how many of the online rentals are canobilizing older rental methods and how many of them are incremental.