First time vacation rental owner

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I am purchasing a property in the Rosemary Beach area which I will be managing remotely.  I am trying to get my arms around were to set up my rental.  Should I create my own site on something like godaddy and try to drive organic bookings or let a service create my site?  I do not mind paying for a level of assistance but I see using a full time manager limiting my chances for a profitable property.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

@Daniel D Ryan Congrats on doing your first vacation rental. One way to test out your rental market is to use 3rd party listing sites like vrbo, Airbnb, homeaway, luxury retreats, etc... they of course charge a fee but you can build that into your pricing. If you intend on managing from afar, I would recommend a great cleaning person that is reliable and that you can trust to go after the check outs to do inventory and clean the place up. These sites also allow for cleaning fees to be charged above the price. Finally, I would recommend digitalizing the check in process so guests can let themselves in without anyone having to go there. Once all that is done and you get some momentum, give your house a name and create a simple website to get direct bookings which will be slightly less expensive than the 3rd party sites you are on. Dont forget that you will then need a online merchant to take payments. I would recommend getting someone to set all that up for you and based on my wife's company that does similar things, it should cost you 700-1000 at the most to set all that up with your url and hosting, design, mobile version, seo and updating.
@Daniel D Ryan managing your rental remotely is very easy as long as the preparation is done beforehand. I would grab a domain name for the future but having a web site as your only mechanism to drive bookings is worthless. I would list it on Air BnB and VRBO first and coordinate calendars. Have PROFESSIONAL pictures done once you have it decorated and use Smart Pricing in Air BnB for the first few bookings and make sure to get stellar reviews. If you send me your email address I will send you our check list for preparation and some other stuff that can help you. Good luck and you will do great! Best Regards, Eric
@Daniel D Ryan . Hello! Time for the ol’ one hour phone call with yours truly. PM me for my number I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Happy to do it :)
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@Lucas Carl dang that’s a great offer Lucas!

I love helping folks set up their new vacation rental because I didn't have anyone to help me and I wish I had.