Subleasing for Short Term Rentals Under an LLC

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Hey guys, 

I came across an interesting idea but I can't figure out if its actually legal. Apparently if you sign a lease as an LLC the landlord can't exactly control who is staying in the apartment because it is under an LLC (Let me know if this isn't true). Also, can you then sublease this apartment on STR sites like AirBnB without breaking any laws, even if the lease states subleasing is not allowed? It seems very sketchy, but ultimately it could be very profitable.


@Ryan Diogo you need permission from the landlord. If your agreement states no subleasing you can be under hot water. It's easier to approach the owner and let them know what you would like to do instead of going behind their back and getting into a legal mess.
Most people that successfully sublease to Airbnb offer the landlord above-average market rent and have a proposal. You're pretty much acting as tenant and property manager so need to show why they should allow you to operate a mini business from their home.