Surveillance Camera System vs Ring Video Doorbell Elite

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I'm deep into renovating my house for use as a short term rental unit in the upstairs flat.  I'm in a desirable area with heavy foot traffic that's close to a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station.  So I thought I would install surveillance cameras for extra security.  Also, a camera at the front door may help with remote guess check in (along with a keyless door lock).  However, after doing some research, I'm thinking I could achieve the same goals with a Ring Video Doorbell.  The Elite version of the Ring Doorbell can be hardwired and won't rely on wifi or batteries. And it can provide video and 2 way audio (unlike most security cameras which are just video).  Does anyone else use Ring and/or other surveillance cameras or video doorbells?  What has been your experience?

@Rob Denn The hard wired elite still uses WiFi but not batteries. I have one on my home its pretty cool. I dont have cameras on my VRs It would drive me nuts. Have you checked to see if short term rentals are legal in your area? Good luck!

@Rob Denn I have the Ring at home and had exterior cameras in one of my cabin properties. Like Lucas says the Ring still needs WiFi to communicate so keep that in mind.  They are easy to swap out with your existing doorbell and I had mine setup in under an hour.   

The value of the exterior cameras for me was primary to make sure snow removal and other maintenance tasks were being done properly since I managed remotely.  If you are looking to improve security with cameras (and I wouldn't just rely on the Ring for this) then just be sure you are not pointing any cameras in the home, do not record ANY audio and I used to actually note in my check in instructions that there were cameras for the guest and homes safety so they were not surprised when the arrived.  

Hope that helps a bit! 

@Rob Denn You don't need Elite version of Ring. Elite version comes with an ethernet cable but I don't see any advantage of running an ethernet cable to the door if you don't already have one. I suggest Ring Doorbell2.

My automation for AirBnB has:

1) Ring doorbell2.

2) Smart Thermostat.

3) Window and door sensors.

4) Yale Smart lock.

5) Water leak sensors and smart fire alarm.

Once these things are connected by a hub, then you can do automation. If someone has a window or door open for more than 5min, I turn off AC/heat. If no one is checked in, AC goes into standby mode. I have a log of everyone entering and leaving the house from smartlock and doorbell. I also give access to Ring for AirBnB guests for the duration of the stay. They appreciate it as they are in an unknown place.