Best management companies for Phoenix, Scottsdale STR

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Hi! I am doing my due diligence on vacation rentals in Phoenix/Scottsdale market and would be interested to know as many opinions and experiences as I can get. I came across many small operators and bigger companies. Vacasa Arizona, Manor shares, wanderjaunt.... what to expect in the bottom line? 25-30% management fee seems to be quite a lot. I am inclined to go with bigger company and go from there. I hope the customer service woild be personolized enough and their resourses would be benecicial. The downside there is a contract and steeper management fees. What would you choose and please PM me your recommendations. Thanks!

I don't have any experience or references for you but I can tell you that vacation rentals require a lot more time and energy from a property manager and from what I have heard 25-30% is not out of line.