Selling short-term rental in Houston, advice to manage instead?

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We currently own a property in Houston, TX that we have had great luck renting out on AirBnB/HomeAway over the last couple years. We are moving to Nashville though, and as much as we'd love to continue earning the income from the property, we are worried about managing it remotely. Because we of this, we plan to sell. I recently posted a marketplace Ad explaining how we have used the property to "House Hack" by living there and renting out different spaces on AirBnB. I won't go into all the details here, but you can see more in the link below if you are interested:

Marketplace Post for AirBnB Property

Despite all the success as a short-term rental, we are concerned about managing this property from Nashville. My primary question is, does anybody have experience managing this type of property remotely? Have you done so yourselves, or leveraged local property management companies? Has anyone worked with local friends as co-host to take care of the property? If so, what is a reasonable earnings split for a host that is doing most of the work.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Given the incredible earning potential the house has demonstrated, it isn't going to take that much to convince me to remove the listing and keep the house, so I look forward to hearing advice from non-local AirBnB owners/managers!


@Tyler Dreher I self manage 8 doors remotely in 2 different markets, 5 of which are VRs; with a day job and a family and more self managed doors in the market where I live. It’s easy. Pm me and get me on the phone for an hour. Bring a pen.

I would contact Sean Rakidzich ( from Airbnb Automated ( He manages about 50 properties including a number of properties in Texas.

I'd be leery of any manager with over 10 properties. I just don't see them being able to give your property the attention it requires. Also, I see property managers pricing at the bottom of the barrel because all they want are the booking so they can take their 25%.