How much of a cleaning fee to charge an employer?

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Sunday evening I had a guy move into a STR. He came here to work a short term job. He didn't show up to work Monday morning. His boss and I found him in bed unresponsive. He had overdosed. Had to call 911 and EMT, police and fire departments responded. There was vomit on the floor.

Question:  How much should I bill the company for the biohazard cleanup and the emergency services response?  I was thinking $150 for the cleanup and $60 for dealing with the emergency response.

Welcome back, Paul!  

If you hired out any services, obviously bill for at least the cost; if you did it yourself, then whatever you feel is appropriate.  Your numbers seem reasonable to me.

@Paul Sandhu I would suggest you hire a professional company to do it. That way if any tenant in the future has issues or questions about this situation you will be covered from a liability stand point. Biohazard clean up can be tricky. You don't want someone in the future to sue you because they "claim" they got some illness from your property because you didn't address this issue by a licensed professional. Then just take whatever the professional clean-up company charges you and bill that to the company with all the supporting evidence. That's what I would do :-)