Poconos vacation/seasonal airbnb rentals

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Hello BP,

I’m currently doing my research on purchasing a short term vacation rental and plan on using Airbnb and HomeAway to rent it. Ive already reached out to a few of you on here and have got great information. I just wanted to reach out and see has anyone had success and could you share how well your property does for the whole year in the poconos area. I’m beginning in the carbon county for my search. 

Any info helps thank you for taking the time to read this.


Don't limit yourself to vacation rentals.  If there is a travelling nurse staying for 13 weeks, would you rent it to her for less than your vacation rental rate?  I have two dozen furnished rentals, 85 beds, and I mainly rent to travelling contractors.  The guys you see on the large upright structures of steel at a petrochemical refinery.