Listing properties as Airbnb PLUS

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I just received an invite to list my properties as "Airbnb PLUS" listings. They are apparently expanding the program (wasn't in Cape Cod previously) Anyone have any experience, pro or con?

I just made Super Host but have been a Premier Partner on Homeaway/VRBO for some time since 95% of my bookings come from HA/VRBO.

I looked up Airbnb Plus and it looks like an OK deal. For $150 you get a personal inspection, professional pictures and a n extra stamp of approval.

Just the professional pictures are worth the $150. Then you can use these pictures on HA/VRBO also.

Hey John, yes I know in your area  VRBO is your workhorse. Airbnb has steadily been my better performing platform. I believe they hold onto exclusive rights to the photos but I will double check that. I expect the biggest benefit will be banner listing placement on Airbnb which intern should bring more eyeballs and higher rates. We shall see.

Listen to the podcast Get Paid for your pad they interviewed a guy from Melbourne Australia who applied. His experience wasn't so great getting on boarded and the ROI remains to be seen.