Best Market for Vacation Term Rentals??

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I’m in the Gatlinburg Pigeon Forge Wears Valley (Smoky Mountain) market and I’m very pleased with my returns. It’s easy to scoop something up that will bring in 1.5++% and you can manage it from anywhere in the country. Obviously this is not suggested in many markets. The other markets that seem to do well are Big Bear Kauai Orlando Where are you having success and how??

My town is not a vacation destination by any means.  But there is a very large petrochemical refinery that employs 50-250 contract workers at any given time.  Some live locally, they are not my customers.   Some come here with a trailer/camper, that's hard to compete against.  Most of them think they have no option but to stay in 1 of 4 motels.  Those are the people I rent to.  It also helps that I give them some promotional items (pens and calendars) with my information when they take a pre-employment drug screen.  Besides costing less than a motel, the kitchen and the laundry in my STRs is the big selling point.

If anyone would like one of my male oriented 2019 calendars for their workshop or garage, pm me your address @Lucas Carl .  If you are single, put it up in your kitchen.

24 STRs, 82 beds, about 1400 previous tenants in the last 7 years.

After these fires, moving my entire operation from Malibu to Coffeyville. 

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