Posting on Airbnb vs Home Away vs VRBO, etc.

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Hi Everyone! I recently decided to rent out my apartment for extra cash and have been trying to figure out which platform to list on. 

Few questions:

1. How do you typically decide which rental platform (Airbnb, Home Away, VRBO, Trip Advisor, etc.) to list on? Or do you list your property on multiple sites?

2. If you list on multiple sites, is there an easy way to do this using a third party site/software or would I need to individually list on each site?

3. How do you determine the price to list your property at?


Depends on where your rental is. Some platforms are more popular in certain areas. Research what other people are getting for rent in your area and then charge a little less, until you get some reviews. I think Airbnb is more popular for short stays ex. Less than a week.  You can post on different platforms and sync calendars also. I don't know of software that will list your property on different platforms, but if you list on VRBO, you have the option to also have it show up on other sites like Expedia and trip advisor. You will have to pay fees on most of the platforms. A new book direct site with NO booking fees is Also check out podcasts like "the hosting journey"  "vacation rental success" "short term rental revenue" "get paid for your pad" and "holiday let success"   

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I use Craigslist for my 23 STRs.  They are also on some of those websites you listed, but I get less than 5 responses from them per year.

A cheap motel with 2 beds and a bathroom is $400/week in this town.  I charge $400/week for a 2 bedroom house with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, cable/wifi.  3 bedrooms are $600/week.

My renters are contractors.  Those guys you see working on large erections of steel at a refinery.  Welders, pipefitters, boilermakers, electricians, etc.  Most of them are scary looking and have neck tats.  Here's two in the basket supported by the crane on the left.

Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and FlipKey have a nice low 3% owner booking fee although they take a high percentage from the renter. Airbnb Monthly visitors 80 million. 

TripAdvisor automatically posts all its listings on a sister site that does focus exclusively on vacation rental: FlipKey. TripAdvisor and FlipKey 145 million visitors. 

HomeAway and VRBO are 5%. Monthly visitors, 40 million. Owner Fee: 15% per booking, Monthly Traffic: 448 million visitors

@Lucas Carl

AirBNB isn’t illegal in NY. Just evicting all your tenants from your apartment building and using their space as an unregulated hotel is. :)