Short Term/Vacation (30-Days Min) Lease Agreement?

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Does anyone have, or know a good place to get, a lease for doing 30-day rentals at a vacation type property?  Looking for something that would restrict subleasing, possibly put a cap value on landlord-supplied utilities, and be a general short term lease for the property.  Looked on BP forms and can only locate traditional lease forms.   

Take a standard lease and modify it to your requirements for subleasing, utility cap, and short term use, etc.  It's not rocket science.

@Bob Mueller Jr. Even if you copy a really thorough document from an established source still would be a good idea to have a lawyer review it. There are various state specific clauses and also indemnification and eviction clauses that you need to get just right. Hopefully you'll never get sued, but if you do... you know better safe than sorry, lol.