Ski Resort Distance from AirBNB

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I’m looking at a cabin for short-term rentals. Lots of local amenities for summer guests and close to a larger town. For the winter I would think that the ski resort in the area could be a draw, but it’s 40 minutes away. Is that too far?

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It’s not too far if you’re booked! Check your neighbors on Airbnb. You can tell within 15 minutes of studying exactly how much they’re making. Stay out of Coffeyville, KS  there’s very stiff competition there 

 I heard Coffeyville has a fantastic ski resort, though!  LOL

Our tourist town is 30  to 60 minutes from the ski resorts. And it is dead in the winter.  Yes 40 minutes is too far if there is good vacation rental presence near the Resort's

Stay out of Coffeyville Kansas unless you can tolerate riff raff, refinery trash, drugs, thieving prostitutes, meth head squatters, petty criminals, breaking and entering, overdoses and dead bodies in your properties, tenants having adultery with other tenants spouses, walking in on intruders in your STR, 5 homicides in a year in a town of 9500, and other miscellaneous nuisances. It all that isn't enough, you have the occasional flood that brings in the nation guard, and continuous inflow and outflow of psychotic mutt tenants.

Yeah, that's Coffeyville Kansas.  Great place to invest but you wouldn't want to live there.

@Steve Fitzgerald , I think the answer lies in digging deeper into additional questions that can help you better understand this particular market. Here are a few thoughts and notes:

+What are you competing against and how does this shape the expectations of your potential guests? For example, during the winter are there a lot of lodging options, restaurants, and events either at the base of the resort or relatively close by? If this is the case, most skiers heading to the mountain in the winter for a getaway are likely going to seek out lodging options that keep them much closer to these amenities. If, however, these skiers are used to heading 40 minutes away for most lodging and dinner options, this cabin can be an enticing option.

+On a similar note—and as others have pointed out—does a quick search on Airbnb or VRBO provide a proof of concept? Do you see a range of options near this cabin or are most of the lodging options far closer to the resort? That’s not to say this cabin can’t be a compelling proposition if it’s an outlier, but this data is worth considering.

+Are there any public/private transportation options that inform the lodging choices of these skiers? Some resorts/counties/towns/hotels/condos have free or inexpensive shuttle services to the mountain. This becomes especially enticing in markets where the resort pays a substantial parking fee if you drive to the mountain and park at the base. If this is relevant, it’s worth carefully considering whether the cabin is near such transportation options. If your competition can tout this but you can’t, you are at a disadvantage.

+Lastly, consider talking to people on the ground and in the market. They’re likely far better equipped than we are to field this question. Consider calling local hotels, reaching out to the owners of other short-term rentals in the area, and contacting the chamber of commerce to see if it has/can share occupancy data from the hotels in the market. This can help you better understand whether the ski area (and other winter attractions in the area) positively impact winter occupancy.

+Consider calling the local ski and snowboard shops and asking them where most people stay during their vacations to the mountain. They should have a good grasp on this.

+Lastly, it might be worth drilling a little deeper into the skier demographics of the market. Are most of the skier visits in the form of day trippers from the nearby larger town? Or do many folks head to the area for long weekends and extended vacations?

Out of curiosity, is the cabin in the Boone area? Or is it outside of North Carolina?

FYI--The line "This becomes especially enticing in markets where the resort pays a substantial parking fee if you drive to the mountain and park at the base" should read "This becomes especially enticing in markets where the resort charges a substantial parking fee if you drive to the mountain and park at the base."