Property management for Airbnb

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Yes, I've hired 3 AirBNB property managers over the course of 2 years operating up to 5 units at once, including a condo.  1 manager was excellent, but expensive.  1 manager was ok, a little cheaper.  1 manager was awful, very cheap, but ended up costing me way more than she saved me (I'll never get back my $3,000 worth of Costco linens).  

I've hired a property manager to manage my rental properties before but now I use an online platform called Tellus to manage. I get full control of my property and also convenient to see everything of my property through an app. 

I own a short term rental property management company, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are now managing 42 units in 3 cities. I recommend finding a good local team, and DO NOT use Evolved!