Brian's Page's Airbnb formula

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@Medhat William

I haven’t tried the method myself, but I’ve read and looked into it. There’s a lot of moving pieces here. One you need to make sure the landlord is okay with you basically sub-leasing the properties to others. (I would look for individual houses for this type of thing and not an actual apartment.

Secondly, you need to have enough liquidity to ensure that if you have a slow month on AirBnB, you’re still able to cover the rent.

Also, landlords who allow their property to be used for AirBnB typically increase the amount they would normally charge for rent.

My advice would be to really study your market and see how short term rentals are performing. You need to be aware of the current law around short term rentals in your market as well.

Hope this helps.


If you are asking this question in this way, then you need to really grasp all the problems that come along with it. It is called Master Lease or Arbitrage and other things. It is a really crappy way for a STR newbie to start. But that is probably not in his course.