Palm Beach Gardens Airbnb

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I’m curious to see if anyone has had success with an Airbnb in the Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach, or Jupiter Florida area?

Specifically, have you strategically bought a property for the purpose of using it as an Airbnb?

Im still looking for my first deal and also trying to figure out what would work “cash flow” wise for my area. I have been looking out of state as well.

Thank you!

Hi @Cody Harris , I can't claim personal experience in that region, but I would definitely recommend you check out local rules & regs there.  I would expect STRs to be very strictly regulated or completely disallowed in those areas.

Hi Cody. I am in PBG too. Haven’t seen much SRT activity/interest in this area. I guess mainly due to stricter rules and not much tourist inflow. The ones I have seen in Airbnb are 30+ days rentals. You might have better luck in Fort Lauderdale or Miami. 

As the others have said, the biggest thing to do is to research research research. What are the local zoning and regs? Even in places like Miami Beach, move a few streets over and you're in completely different regulations. When you understand the municipality regulations, make sure to understand the HOA or condo association regulations on short term rentals if you intend to purchase in one. This one thing can be the costliest mistake you make if you buy a property intending to short term rent it and then find out you can't run it like you'd want to. I posted about it a few days ago here:

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