Guesty Alternatives? Don't meet Guesty's owner property minimum

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I'm just getting started in this STR world and I took a look at Guesty; which I really like but you need to own 4 properties to use their service and I currently have 1 property.

What are some good alternatives to Guesty that have an updated platform?

Also, I'm looking for a platform that would allow me to manage a "cleaning" and "task" management requests since the property I own is in another state?

Thank you!

@Dennis Gallof

Are you trying to say you're converting a property into an STR? If so you've got a lot of work to do before you bother with a channel manager.

Most importantly... is it legal in your area? 
For guesty alternative, I like igms. 

Are you trying to send maintenance request through a website that will send out a maintenance person to do the job? That's more the roll of a property manager. You'll need to hire your own handymen and cleaners. igms will coordinate schedules with cleaners. Handyman schedules cannot be coordinated because you never know when you'll need them. 

Your post was a bit vague so I just guessed. We need more details. 

For one property, my position is you're overcomplicating things.  Just text your service people when you need them.  If you want your cleaner to automatically see when a turnover is scheduled, get them to import your AirBNB and/or VRBO calendar into their phone.

Thank you for your quick replies!

@Lucas Carl Yes, I looked into that and I'm allowed short term rentals in my area.  There are also other people that I spoke to that are currently doing it within the condominium.

Ok, great...I'll take a look at iGMS (AirGMS).  I see they have a "Cleaning & Team Management" feature, so this will be helpful with scheduling cleaners.

So with the cleaner feature, I would need to look for cleaners in that area and then give them access to my account; right?

Regarding handyman requests, I just need to find someone in that area that would be able to go there anytime I need something done?

Thank you, again!

@Julie McCoy You're probably right, but I'm a techie guy so I like learning and using anything platform related! :)

Do services like iGMS have algorithms that adjust pricing to maximize profits depending on high/low season or days that are coming up and still not booked, or would that be another type of service?

Thank you!

@Dennis Gallof

AirGMS is the one that won our vote currently after reviewing over 16 different ones. We had very specific criteria for 2 reason. 1. Was for my 5 properties separate from other investors we manage for. 2. Owner access for statements.
Airgms allows you to create users and control their access to specific reports and even manage cleaners schedule and maintenance tasks. . So it may be a little more then what your looking for especially at the price point of $20 to $30 per property after your grow! 

Your Porter is a good program for automating correspondence and is less expensive. I just read and article that they now have vrbo connection which is awesome because when we reviewed it only synced with airbnb. $7-9 a property.

We tried hostaway and liked the interface app but absolutely had glitches and did not perform as excepted.

Owner REZ is another one that I have heard good things about. I used it for the free trial period. It was more clunky then airgms BUT owners on the SMoky Mtn facebook group rave about it. 

Ownerreservations. Not "clunky" at all. All of these have a learning curve to understand and customize/apply their features well.

Thanks for the replies!  I'll take a closer look at each of these to see which one I like the best. 

My cousin's friend that does Airbnb just told me about, not sure if anyone has any experience with this platform?

@Dennis Gallof Another option is smartbnb. We currently use Guesty to manage our 60+ listings but are strongly considering switching away because it is to expensive and there are better ways provide the functionality that they provide. Happy to provide more context on our setup. about the only place to get really good and reliable reviews on things like software. Punch in ownerreservations or punch in guesty or punch in smartB&B etcetera and you can see what some people say about what you're interested in. Good details and may give you an idea about which direction to go

I do agree with @Ken Latchers is absolutely where we started our search and spent time with a single listing doing the free trials. Reading all the reviews, etc. Side note. I did like OwnerREZ and would recommend it. Definitely a good idea to know the features that are priority to you because that is the deciding factor for us in the end. Priority features! Good Luck.