STR and Vacation Rentals in Naples, FL

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Has anybody had any experience with investing in the Short Term Vacation Rental market in Naples, FL? Opportunities, lessons learned, etc?What's the median price for a 2BR 2Bath condo/Townhome on the beach? What's the approx annual gross rent income? What's the approximate annual occupancy rate? Is the investment opportunity for ROI greater in Naples than on 30A on the Emerald Coast?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Im on the other side in Ft Lauderdale but there are a lot of online tools that can answer some of your questions. Try the AirDNA website for starters. 

Hey @Larry Williams , you are going to have to start digging. Start with Zillow and enter your specs and do a search. That will give you your averages of current for sale.

Then head over to VRBO and AirBNB and look at places available in your specific area. You can get a good idea of nightly rates and how full calendars are.

We had a LTR in Naples that we first used as a STR for one winter. Being a condo, we were subject to monthly terms. No problems renting it out but then we had very little use of it during the winter. Naples in the summer is not high in demand, unless you're working or the excessive heat doesn't bother you. We ended up selling it in a 1031 to make better use of money in a LTR in Jacksonville and a STR in, wait for it, Sevierville TN.