Deceased Owners Unpaid Tax Lien Property

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I bought a house that was on the Sheriffs delinquent property tax sale, if that's anything similar.  It's an auction at the courthouse.  Sells to the highest bidder.  Got a $40k house for $9500.  It's bringing in $600/week.

@Paul Sandhu was the property vacant? I am looking a purchasing an occupied property, tax delinquent for 3 years - owners on title are deceased.. Don't know what the next step would be after successfully winning the auction...

@Spenser Harding   the property was vacant and had been unoccupied for about a year according to the 3 refinery contractors renting the house next door.  There were about 100 properties on the sheriffs delinquent property tax sale that day.  The county attorney made his big speech before the auction.  We were the highest bidder.  I went there the next day and forced the front door open and secured the property.  We started cleaning it up and furnishing it.  I rented it to the 3 refinery contractors living next door, they were my previous tenants.  The county attorney had a big spiel about waiting 90 days before any action, etc.

The guys I rented to, they paid enough rent in the first 9 months to pay for the purchase price, then they all went psychotic.  I had to have all utilities cut off and I found them someone elses house for them to move to so that they would move out of mine.  They still owe that other person money and are storing their stuff in the house.