Bunk Beds in Shared Room?

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Greetings all,

Has anyone tried the SHARED ROOM model on Airbnb?

I currently rent out 4 private rooms in a shared house. Each room has a full size bed for 2 and rents for $30/night.

I have seen some successful listings in my are where folks have set up a “hostel style” house - fitting up to 4 people in a shared room using 2 twin bunk beds - and charging $20 a night for each bunk. That’s turning a $30 room into potentially an $80 room!

Sound weird? Well, these listings get GREAT reviews and have a steady amount of booking. Seems that there is a segment of the market totally OK with sleeping with strangers.

Has anyone tried this?? Success stories? Horror stories? I may try out this model with one of my rooms and see how it goes!

Certainly no interest from me, but I’m guessing that would be above local ordinances on number of unrelated occupants allowed.  Seems like a lot of work also to process a reservation for $20.

Not a good idea with my perspective. 23 STR with 83 beds are my reference.

I rent out the whole house as a unit.  $600 to $1600 a week.  I'm not going to piddle around with small change for a room or a bed.  You shouldn't either.

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Renting out rooms makes you a Bed and breakfast or guest house Which can have a host of stringent rules that you better check with your zoning office.

bunk beds have ladders which many insurance companies frown upon. I just went through this. Maybe better is trundle beds.

Every year there is a group of 8 guys that go pheasant hunting in western Kansas.  We sleep in a bunkhouse with 4 bunkbeds.  By we, I mean 8 guys, a dozen guns, 5 dogs, a keg of beer and many bottles of whiskey.  I had a top bunk.  In the middle of the night I fell out.

While I haven't tried it myself, I have seen such bunk beds homes in LA. The most profitable one was a house with 8 bedrooms, and 47 beds a $35 per night. I met the manager, a young fellow who was there full time. It's possible to pull something like this off, but you will need at least one full time staff who is checking in guests, cleaning, and doing the massive laundry load. It's definitely not for everyone but can be very profitable if done right.