Atlanta STR Licenses Required?

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Afternoon!  I'm about to head down to Atlanta, GA for a few months to get started with my short term rentals (most likely via master leasing/rental arbitrage to begin).  In doing some reading on airbnb itself, I see that the city of Atlanta requires all hosts to acquire some licenses (business, hotel, etc).  It seems as though it takes no longer than a week to secure a business license from the city.  I don't have any problem going through with the licenses, but I read that your property must also be in the correct zoning.  Is this heavily regulated by the city?  Has anyone in the Atlanta area ever come across any regulations/tax issues that I should be aware of?  

Just trying to figure out how to best navigate this as a newbie.  Any constructive advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Saw this info on Airbnb, but it was last updated in Jan 2015!!