STR application question?

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There's going to be 5000 contractors coming through my town in the next 10 months.  I've never done a rental application before, but I think it might be a good time to start.  Before I give anyone an application, they are going to get a drug screen from me.  I'll see their I.D. and write down their S.S. and phone number on a drug screen form.  This is just for new people I've never rented to before.  If it's a previous tenant on good standing, I'm not going to mess with the application.  Their phone # is already in my list of contacts.

So my question is, do you think there is anything else I should include on the application?  The top part of the form is more or less telling them what all is included and for how much.  The bottom part just gives me names and phone numbers.  Every guy is going to make $60-$120 per day per diem, it just depends on what kind of job they do.  Scaffold builder, $60.  Boilermaker, $120.

Could you rely on the refinery's drug testing? Would they provide you with that on all tentative renters? What about a duration? I know that so far things have been very reliable (relative) but maybe add a duration with a clause to add days as needed?

@Michael Baum   The refinery sending their contractors to the clinic I work at is a pretty solid deal.  We are quick.  In and out in 15 minutes.  2 other medical facilities in this town take up to 2 hours.  Time is money.

If they take their drug screen before they come to my town, I will never have a chance to meet them.  

Length of stay?  I quit asking people that question many years ago.  Whatever answer they tell me has no validity or accuracy.  I've had people tell me the jobs lined up will take 2 months, but they are gone in 10 days.  I've had people tell me they need a place to stay awhile, and they stay in the same place for 18 months (with a week or two off here and there).

There is a chance I could do the randoms for the refinery.  I did this a few years ago. The health coordinator for the place asked me to do it. I show up at 6 am/pm and every person going through the gate has to pick a marble out of a covered box.  There's white marble and black marbles.  If they pick a black marble, they were sent into a portable office building with a bathroom.  We kept drawing until 50 people drew the black marbles.  They pee in a cup and I look at the results.  I kept a tray of candy where I did the test.  If they passed, I would say "Have a piece of candy".  If the results were non-negative I would say "No candy for you".  The health coordinator (top nurse) was at the exit door and would ask everyone leaving if they got a piece of candy.  That was our codeword.  On average, 3 people out of 50 had further testing of their sample.  It was usually marijuana, opiates or meth.  People that couldn't pee, we give them water and they wait.  More often than not, they don't pass the test.

Ahhh ok. Wish I had better advice. Sounds like you have a system, that no matter what you do, will always have a lot of balls in the air. 

@Michael Baum All the balls in the air started back in January.  That's when the scaffold builders came here.  Those guys are building scaffolding from the ground up to allow the rest of the workers to do their work.  It's all up in the air, it's 99% guys, hence the term balls in the air.