FL/Gulf Coast VRs. Ready for Hurricane Season?

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Hey Florida and Gulf Coast vacation rental owners. Looking forward to this next tropical storm?

seriously with global warming, it's only going to get worse.

there are enough things with rentals that can keep you awake without needing to add 5 to 15 storms potentially grinding through my property each year.

I don't see the lure.

I prefer the no-State income tax environment of Florida, coupled with reasonable house prices. Rent ratios have been terrific....and it beats pipes freezing.  I have solid houses, in good locations, and good insurance. 

@Ken Latchers I'm with you. My partner is very into vacation rentals in Florida, but he has a more short-term outlook than I do. All I see is a money pit I won't be able to get rid of once global warming starts eating away at the coasts, which we're already seeing. 

I recently saw a chart showing all the Hurricanes that ground through Florida and the Gulf Coast over the past decades. Is unbelievable how many have gone through. I can't imagine spending months in angst worrying whether that will be the one that destroys my property or drives away guests

it is only going to get worse and worse and worse.